Oak Roast Trout with Potato Salad & Beetroot

This dish is something you can throw together in minutes – no cooking required, just a little bit of chopping! The combination of colours make it an absolute feast for the eyes.

Serves 2     Prep: 5mins

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150g Staal Oak Roast Trout
500g potato salad (homemade or shop bought)
1 fresh beetroot
6 cherry or baby plum tomatoes
Handful of Edamamé beans
Chives to garnish


1. Empty the potato salad into a large serving dish.

2. Flake the Oak Roast Trout and scatter over the potato salad.

3. Halve the tomatoes. Peel and thinly slice the beetroot, and add both ingredients to the dish.

4. Sprinkle over the edamamé beans, and finely chop the chives as the garnish.

5. Serve and allow your loved one or guest to help themselves!

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