About Us

In 2007, my wife Georgina and I made the move from the south of England to Georgina’s family farm in East Yorkshire, with a view to setting up a small cottage industry. ‘The Dream’ was to set up a business that encompassed our passion for food whilst adding diversity to the existing farming enterprise.

For the previous decade I worked in a niche sector of the luxury travel industry arranging bespoke high-end holidays for avid, some might say fanatical, fly fishermen and women. The work took me from Russia’s Kola Peninsula to the sand flats of the Seychelles, satisfying a wanderlust as well as an extreme passion for fishing.

It was through these travels that I had the chance to see first-hand how people all over the world smoked and cured various pieces of meat, game and fish – from hot smoked King Salmon in Alaska to cured Ptarmigan in the farming heartland of Iceland. Once settled in East Yorkshire it did not take too long to think of turning these wonderful experiences into ‘The Dream’, although to make it a reality has taken a little longer. After much planning, a few sleepless nights and extensive product testing, (job perk!) November 2011 saw Staal Smokehouse opening its doors for business. Staal Smokehouse is the culmination of our experiences in farming and fishing combined with a passion for excellent quality, great tasting food. We adhere to the traditional curing techniques honed and perfected over hundreds of years because we know that the extra time and care can be tasted in every bite whether it is for a special occasion or a simple kitchen supper.

Justin Staal