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Staal Smoked Salmon, Spinach & Dill Tart

Staal Smoked Salmon Dill and Spinach Tart

Although this kind of tart is often be associated with lunchtime, it’s also fantastic for entertaining. It can be made earlier in the day if you’re having friends or family over in the evening, and then served as the centrepiece of a buffet. The recipe comes courtesy of our friends at the wonderful St Clements Café. This recipe does make a large 10 slice pretty deep tart made with a 31cm x 3.5cm deep pastry case. You can easily reduce the size if needed.


20g picked weight dill
500g Staal Oak Roast Salmon
20g butter
150g prepared weight finely chopped shallot
Zest 1 unwaxed lemon
60g baby spinach

6 eggs
360g cream (weigh the cream)
180g whole milk (weight the milk)
Salt & pepper


Blind bake pastry and make sure nicely coloured on base.

For the filling:

  1. Beat 6 eggs, 360g double cream and 180g whole milk. Season with salt and pepper
  2. Break up the salmon – not too small – into approx. 3cm pieces
  3. Chop 20g picked with dill – rough chop is fine
  4. Cook the shallot over low heat in the butter until very soft
  5. In base of tart scatter three quarters of the cooked shallot, baby spinach, dill and salmon. Finely zest 1 lemon evenly over the the filling
  6. Pour over most of the the egg mixture (leave room for the rest of the filling) and then scatter over the rest of the salmon, shallots and spinach and dill. Top with rest of mixture (or top up in oven if you prefer ). The aim is to have some of the salmon, dill and spinach showing – but not too much spinach as it can go too brown in the oven
  7. Bake at 160’c. The tart normally needs covering with foil after 30 mins

NB – if the tart is a little low you may need to add an extra egg, 60g extra cream and 30g extra milk.

Find out more about St Clements Café by visiting their website at

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