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Smoked Duck & Orange Salad

Smoked Duck Salad

I usually serve this delicious dish as a starter, but there is no reason it couldn’t be served as a main course.

Serves 4 (as a starter)


1 Smoked duck breast
2 Juicy oranges
50-100g Walnut halves
1 Bag of salad leaves
1 Avocado – sliced
French dressing – preferably made with walnut oil


1. Remove the skin from the Smoked Duck Breast and slice the meat.

2. Crisp the skin in a hot oven or under the grill and allow to cool.

3. Meanwhile peel, de-pith and section the oranges, reserving any juice.

4. Chop the crispy duck skin into croutons. Arrange the salad onto 4 plates with slices of duck, orange and walnuts.

5. Drizzle over the dressing with the reserved orange juice and finish each with some crispy croutons.

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