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Lazenby’s Smoked Salmon Rilette

Smoked Salmon Rilette

This super-easy recipe was created for us by our friends at Lazenby’s Restaurant in Scarborough – it’s a great dish for a lunch time snack , a starter, or to go with an apéritif on a summers evening with friends.


150gm Staal Smokehouse Cold Smoked Salmon
100gm good quality cream cheese (Philadelphia)
Ground Pepper
Tspn Lime Juice
Tbspn Chopped Chives


Just put in a food mixer and leave in the fridge for an hour and you’re done.
Little tip: don’t add salt, there’s enough in the salmon and cheese already!

Serving suggestions

Serve on toast with seasonal asparagus or avocado.
For an apéritif then just with toasted baguettes and some toasted sesame seeds Ideal wine : Rosé de Provence or Sancerre
BonAppétit !!

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