Easy Christmas Day Starter

The easiest Christmas Day starter ever! Our ready-to-eat smoked foods make a delicious starter with no cooking required and very little prep!

Serves 6     Prep: 10mins

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Staal Smokehouse Hamper

The Staal Smokehouse Hamper

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1 Staal Smokehouse Hamper
Salad leaves
Other salad vegetables of your choice
Crackers or oatcakes of your choice
6 Lemon wedges


The easiest Christmas Day starter ever!

1. Simply open the packs and arrange the smoked fish portions on a large wooden board or individual plates.
2. Place in the centre of your Christmas Day dinner table with bowls of salad, oatcakes or crackers, and lemon wedges.
3. Invite your guests to tuck in!
Any of our hampers would be ideal for entertaining on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, or simply to give yourself time off from cooking for the family over the festive period!

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In 2007, my wife Georgina and I made the move from the south of England to Georgina’s family farm in East Yorkshire, with a view to setting up a small cottage industry ‘The Dream’ was to set up a business that encompassed our passion for food whilst adding diversity to the existing farming

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